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​Targeted marketing and design services to help business owners get back to what they do best.

Know what you want? Send us a message and we'll get back to you with a quote.

Do you struggle to properly promote your products or services?

We specialize in identifying opportunities for businesses looking to nail down their marketing. Whether it's websites, social media, packaging, messaging, or anything else, we'll help you identify opportunities and maximize on them.

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A website is a necessity for growth in today’s market. With more people becoming comfortable with online shopping, researching options online, and looking further for options to fill their needs, your reachable market grows substantially as soon as you publish your website.

Bluetines offers a collection of website services from single-page sites to powerful eCommerce sites. We work on some of the top user-friendly platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and GoDaddy and can help you find the right asset for your project.

A solid marketing strategy gives you the power to reach them efficiently and effectively.

Whether you're starting from nothing or just need a boost, Bluetines will ensure your needs and goals can be achieved. 

Popular Services:

Marketing Plans 





Social Media Consulting

Action Plans

Lead Generation



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Great design is a cornerstone of a memorable message. Recognizing that some designs can (and should) be trendy, while others need to be timeless is something you won't get from most designers.

When you work with Bluetines, you get a marketing consultant and a designer ensuring your design and branding work seamlessly together to reach your audience.


Whether you need consultation on how to improve your current strategy or are starting from scratch and require professional guidance, Bluetines will provide the expertise you need to get your strategy on track and sales flowing in.

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You struggle to find time for the things you know you NEED to do with the limited resources you have.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, I get it.


You struggle to find time for the things you know you need to do with the limited resources you have. After all, you may be CEO, but you're also the accountant, the salesperson, and even the janitor!


That's why I started Bluetines. I help small businesses use their limited resources effectively, ensuring that their marketing doesn't fall flat.

That's my goal, what's yours?

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Whatever your marketing problem, Bluetines has a solution

With a broad range of experience in web-design, online and print advertising, radio, and photo and video, Bluetines can help you identify your needs and reach your goals.

Find out how we can help your business today!

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