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About Bluetines

Honoring Prairie Ambition

The driving force in Saskatchewan has always been the tenacity and ambition of it’s entrepreneurs. Our local businesses are thriving and even reaching national and international markets. Whether your goal is to grow this big, or just to keep up sales in changing markets, Bluetines is here to help you reach those goals.

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Emily Gust

Owner, Marketing Director, Designer, Photographer

Hi! I'm the proud creator of Bluetines Marketing & Design. From Regina, SK with a strong prairie heritage, I've always dreamed of serving my province by helping grow local businesses and organizations. Bluetines is the reality born of that dream. 

My Experience

While attending the University of Regina, I began my own outdoors focused website and social media accounts. I learned a great deal about web-design, graphic design, SEO, and social media strategy that I then applied to my professional career as a Marketing Coordinator for two local businesses in Regina.


From here my experience only grew, as I was able to work with larger budgets to invest in Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram advertising, radio ads, trade shows, print ads, and so much more. I was also afforded the opportunity to gain experience in interior design, product, and even portrait photography. Although my passion is definitely still in wildlife photography and the outdoor industry, I have the technical knowledge and ability to provide many different services in diverse industries.


2018 ABEX Award for Marketing received by Luxury Granite

Luxury Granite Regina ABEX Awards Marketing 2018

Why I Started Bluetines

I started Bluetines for a few reasons. First, to be able to move to small town Saskatchewan while still chasing my professional goals in marketing. Additionally, to give myself the opportunity to do something I love everyday. Lastly, to have the freedom to make my own hours and chase my dreams more often.

Being the daughter of a self-employed electrician, I grew up surrounded by the highs and lows of owning and operating your own business. This has never really deterred me, but it has always allowed me to think hard about every business decision. This lifelong experience partnered well with a B.B.A., (majoring in Marketing), and is only a small part of the strong foundation Bluetines is being built on. A strong philosophy of upholding local and family business values and an eye for artistry are also a strong part of the Bluetines foundation.

So Why “Bluetines”?

I believe too many people, especially entrepreneurs, have confused their goals and dreams. Worse, they have given up on their dreams to achieve their goals. Finding this balance is an important part of my philosophy when it comes to business management, and is reflected in the brand I am creating with Bluetines Marketing & Design.

Goals and dreams may not work in unison at all times, but I truly believe that they tend to have commonalities. Bluetines is something that takes my two - often contrasting - worlds of interest, and pays respect to their similarities. On one side, it’s a symbol for my passion for the outdoors, on the other, it’s a vehicle to deliver my talents to Saskatchewan businesses and organizations. 

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