Whether you're starting from nothing or just need a boost, Bluetines will ensure your needs and goals can be achieved. Nearly every service comes with an action plan delivered at the time of completion, meaning you'll be able to take over at any time! 


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Marketing Plans

Flying by the seat of your pants only works for so long; and when that wild ride is over, it tends to end in a spectacular crash. A marketing plan helps you to take hold of your brand and your strategy, and steer it in the right direction. Whether you focus on online strategies, traditional methods, or no strategy at all, Bluetines will help give you direction. 



It's more than just advertising; positioning is a key element of any product, service, or business as a whole. Establishing a defined position gives you better direction for your marketing efforts and ensures your money is being spent efficiently.


Similar to positioning, branding is the foundation for how people perceive your product, service, or business. Creating or better defining your brand, helps you reach clients more effectively and ensures you can grow your audience on every front.



Don't think you need it? Think again. Advertising is almost always a necessity for businesses starting out. Don't worry though, Bluetines has the knowledge and experience to find the RIGHT advertising channels and will figure out how to do it within your budget. Whether you need a strategy or ads designed, Bluetines can do it all. Some of our featured advertising specialties include:

  • Google Ads (text, search and display ads)

  • Print Advertising (magazines, flyers, banners, posters, outdoor advertising and decals)

  • Social Media Ads

Social Media

AKA the most misunderstood and misused means of reaching your audience. Let's build your strategy and figure out exactly how you can utilize both paid and organic reach to increase your sales, brand awareness, and so much more. 

Action Plans

Nearly every marketing service delivered includes an action plan. That is, an in-depth, actionable guide to moving forward with your marketing and business goals. Contact us and let's take action! 

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