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That's what you've been looking for, right? We believe in listening to your story, your needs, and creating something that works for you.

Contact us and let's help your business or organization today.

We take pride in being real. You and your business have real needs, so why not embrace the challenges and face those needs head-on?

I've been working with small businesses nearly my entire life - including my family's own - and have seen too many business's get unrealistic advice from firms who:

  • Don't understand the time commitments and endless roles small business owners fill

  • Can't comprehend the budget restraints

  • Are simply looking for a client to continuously make money off of


I too need to make money, but I'm not going to push uselessly expensive and time-consuming strategies on businesses who really won't benefit from them. 

Still not convinced? Let's talk.


Businesses need a trustworthy resource to help grow their exposure and revenues in a sustainable manner.

By providing services, catered to the client’s specific taste, industry, and goals while being in 
the best interest of the longevity of their organization.

Marketing and design services, including consultations, graphic design, print design, branding, advertising and more.

Working with Bluetines

The Bluetines Values

maintaining a sense of realism and approachability

Dark Antlers.png

focused and strong, ensuring success

between wants, goals, and budgets.



In the wild, antler size isn’t everything, but a good set will always get the most positive attention and can help you win the battle.

This is not much different than a good marketing strategy. It will help you grab the audience’s attention, keep it, and ultimately make them a customer. 

That’s what the bluetine advantage is all about. Let us find the best way to turn attention into sales, and help you win the battle!

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