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2020 Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It doesn't matter if you're a small business or a local Saskatchewan business, you need to know how to keep your marketing effective in 2020. We looked at what happened in 2019, read up on the state of the Canadian economy, and researched some consumer reports to find out what is really going to happen in 2020.

One thing became clearer than ever: Consumers want to get back to the basics. This means real relationships, genuine service, and relatable content.

Over-spending, slow-economies, robots everywhere, and a total disconnect from the natural world are some of the causes of this trend. So how do you deal with this, especially if you chased down all the tech you could in the last few years?

How to market your small local business in 2020

1. Talk to people: respond to their comments online, call them up (when appropriate), briefly chat in your brick and mortar, and just be personable! Chatbots are okay (and sometimes necessary) but most people are looking for answers a bot cannot provide. Instead, try to add FAQs to your website to streamline the process, have materials ready to send to inquiries (such as price sheets) and always follow-up!

2. Ditch the stock photos on your social and in promotions: It should still be a quality photo but show what’s really happening. Feature your products in action or being made, and above all SHOW YOUR FACE. People want to know who they’re following. This makes you far more relatable and allows you to stand out in a VERY crowded space. Not sure your photography skills are up to snuff? Hire a local photographer, try some training, or shoot us an email to kick your photos up a notch!

3. Focus on your goals, but prove your PURPOSE: according to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Marketing Trends, “A relationship with purpose can result in increased loyalty from customers, workforce, and partners when authentic purpose connects with stakeholder values.” I’d say it myself, but I think they hit the nail on the head there. Really define your purpose, and ensure you can actually fulfill it. Need help communicating what your purpose is? Get in touch! We LOVE to help people define their purpose and find so many more opportunities with a clearer sense of why they exist!

Additional Tips:

Be wary of “Big Data”. Although there is still a ton of value in online advertising, consumers are becoming more and more aware of what is being done with their information. This means you likely aren’t reaching the same quality of consumers as you would have been as little as a year ago. This is why it’s important to have a variety of marketing and promotion strategies on the go, to ensure you’re reaching your desired audience.

The take-away

Just be authentic. People are looking for more people like them, and the more relatable you are to your market, the better. You don't need to air your dirty laundry but consumers want to connect to real people; so be human, but be competent! Nothing kills a relationship quicker than not upholding your own values or worse, not being good at what you do...

Need help figuring out your marketing plan for 2020? Contact us today!

Will you be following these trends? What do you see happening for your marketing in 2020?

- Emily


About the Author

Emily Gust | B.B.A.

I'm the brains behind Bluetines, a dream of mine since I was 11 years old. I'm passionate about efficiency, effectiveness, but most of all loving what you do!

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