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Customers are researching you.

Without a website, they may never find you. Without a great website, it's hard for them to get a feel for your value.

Simple fix? Just don't go another day without a great website.

Website Design & Development

A website is a necessity for growth in today’s market. With more people becoming comfortable with online shopping, researching options online, and looking further for options to fill their needs, your market grows substantially as soon as you publish your website.

Bluetines offers a collection of website services from single-page sites to powerful eCommerce sites. We work on some of the top user-friendly platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and GoDaddy and can help you find the right asset for your project.

All Bluetines Websites include:

  • Mobile-friendly design,

  • 100% ownership by the client (you) once published,

  • Training for whatever you want to do on the site including billing changes, updates, and use of additional apps and plugins.


Capture 2.JPG

Sugar Boss


Site type: E-Commerce site utilizing WordPress

Site Purpose: Upgrade the current website to better fit the goals and visual aesthetics of the business. Allow for products to be ordered but not sold through the website due to complications with certifications.

Site Goals: Look more professional, showcase products, and create a better experience for users while letting them get to know the company and its offerings.

Sugar Boss owner, Roxan, came to us with an outdated website that had been mismanaged and neglected by previous parties. We first took a good look at the website content and inner workings of the site theme, and then came up with some cost and time-saving solutions to get the site up to her expectations and to start monetizing her recent TikTok fame! We ended up completely revamping the site, changing to a new theme with more creator support, creating some graphics, editing product photos, and then re-launching with a new look and feel!

This is an example of a partial e-commerce WordPress site utilizing WooCommerce (no checkout).

CMHA Regina site snip.JPG
CMHA Regina site snip 2.JPG

CMHA Regina


Site type: Non-profit site utilizing WordPress

Site Purpose: Upgrade the current website to run with a more supported theme that can be used by internal website managers.

Site Goals: Be more attractive while still providing accessible content.

The CMHA Regina Branch website was no longer supported by the theme developers. This led to some functionality issues that could potentially put their clientele at risk because they would have trouble accessing important information and contacts for mental health support. Bluetines went in and updated the out-of-date items, clean up the back-end and re-launched the site with a new, supported theme, updated plugins, and provided the internal website manager the resources to continue to manage the upgraded site. Bluetines also worked with their hosting supplier to add an SSL certificate, update the IP Addresses, and do other important back-end work to improve security and longevity.

This is an example of a Regular WordPress site.

Metex Site snip 1.JPG

Metex Supply Co


Site type: Business site utilizing WordPress

Site Purpose: Reach the targetted consumers using the new brand that better reflects the values of the company.

Site Goals: Reach target audience, show-off high-quality of work, effective SEO strategy to reach more customers.

Metex Supply Co was in need of a more functional and appealing website to promote its products. Bluetines worked with the owners, sales team, and suppliers to develop an informative website featuring the company's large range of products.

This is an example of a Regular WordPress site utilizing WooCommerce for product listings.

Cornerstone Site snip 1.JPG

Cornerstone Masonry & Exteriors


Site type: Business site utilizing WordPress

Site Purpose: Provide a preview of Cornerstone's work in an attractive and accessible manner. 

Site Goals: Reach target audience, show-off high-quality work, effective SEO strategy to reach more customers.

Cornerstone Masonry's old website was bland and unexciting, far from the feeling the owners wanted to share! Bluetines designed a site that focussed on their work and the services the masonry contractor provides to get potential clients excited about working with Cornerstone.

This is an example of a Regular WordPress site.


Emily Gust Photography


Site type: eCommerce site utilizing Wix

Site Purpose: Provide an accessible online gallery with a sales page. 

Site Goals: Promote the values and purpose of EGP, provide customers with an easy shopping experience.

Emily Gust Photography's website is meant to serve as #1 a gallery for photography and #2 a store for online sales of photography prints.

This is an example of a Wix eCommerce site.

Diverse Electric Website capture.JPG

Diverse Electric (website retired)

Site type: Single Page utilizing GoDaddy Site Builder

Site Purpose: Information on company and sharing projects

Site Goals: Marketing DE as a local, high-quality professional electrical contractor specializing in industrial and commercial projects.

We built Diverse Electric LTD.'s site to reflect the staff and owner's interests. They believe in exceptional quality and appreciate that they get to do this because of a strong support base from the local Regina community. They were not in need of anything extravagant but did want to be able to share their work online and expand their portfolio by reaching new clients.

This is an example of a simple, single-page site.


Luxury Granite

Site type: Eccomerce without online purchasing

Site Purpose: Allow customers to shop online, get inspiration, and get a sense of product types before coming into the store.

Site Goals: Attract customers to the business and foster a relationship with them before they enter the store, or even without entering the store at all.

Luxury Granite wanted to appeal to a broader audience including those located in rural areas who may not have availability to come into the showroom. We developed the site to be useful, but straightforward, showing available products, recent projects, and resources for all kinds of clients.

This is an example of an eCommerce site featuring product listings without actually selling the products.

Websie Pricing

Pricing & Packages

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