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Great Grey Owls are so calm, so curious, incredibly beautiful, and in my opinion the most profoundly interesting birds out there. This was a photo with one owl in particular that regularly let me watch as it hunted. It would also come to check us out as we were playing yard games, shooting bows, or just hanging around the cabin! It was always careful to keep an eye on the dogs though. From photographer Emily Gust. Visit for more!


500 5x7 prints 

250 8x10, 11x14, 10x20 prints (on 16x24 or larger by request)


Please select Economy Shipping at Checkout. All prints take 5-8 days to process and will usually arrive within 14 days after processing.


  • Photos will be cropped to fit the selected print size. Never handle photos by hand! Always use clean soft gloves or have framed by a trusted professional. The oils from your hands will leave marks and deteriorate the ink on the print.

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